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January 10, 2017
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Illias Character PF

Làndoril Falkenschrei, Scout 250 CP

Làndoril Falkenschrei is the first player character created for the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy campaign. We have used the Scout template from DF1 (pp. 10-11) and the racial template Wood Elf from DF3 (p. 8). Since the campaign offers just 250 character points and no additional allowances for racial templates or mixed professions, the player had to use the methods in Skimping (DF1, p. 4) and Overlap (DF1, pp. 4-5). Since Wood Elf costs 20 CP but asks for a raise of Dexterity (DX+1) and Scout already raises DX by 4, he decided to not raise DX again and therefore reduce the cost of Wood Elf to 0 CP.


ST 12 [30] (reduced by Wood Elf); DX 14 [60] (increased by Wood Elf); IQ 11 [20]; HT 12 [20].

Damage 1d-1/1d+2; BL 29 lbs.; HP 12 [0], Will 11 [0], Per 14 [15], FP 12 [0]; Basic Speed 7.00 [10]; Basic Move 8 [0] (increased by Wood Elf).

Advantages and Disadvantages

Heroic Archer [20]; Outdoorsman 2 [20]; Weapon Master (Bow) [20]; Additional Starting Money ($1,500) [3]; Ally (25%, constantly: Jupp the Guardsman) [4]; Night Vision 2 [2]; Wood Elf [20].

Bloodlust (12 or less) [-10]; Sense of Duty (Adventuring companions) [-5]; Intolerance (Urbanites) [-5]; Loner (12 or less) [-5]; Vow (Own no more than you/your horse can carry) [-10]; Vow (Never sleep indoors) [-10]; Social Stigma (Disowned) [-5]; Always Makes a Bird’s Call Before Attacking with His Bow [-1]; Alkohol Intolerance [-1]; Likes to Climb Trees [-1]; Likes Feathers [-1]; Horrible Hangovers [-1].


Bow-20, DX+6 [16]; Camouflage-16, IQ+5 [2]; Cartography-12, IQ+1 [4]; Climbing-14, DX [2]; Fast Draw (Arrow)-16, DX+2 [1]; First Aid-11, IQ [1]; Gesture-12, IQ+1 [2]; Hiking-12, HT [2]; Knife-14, DX [1]; Mimicry (Bird calls)-12, IQ+1 [2]; Navigation (Land)-12, IQ+1 [1]; Observation-14, Per [2]; Shadowing-12, IQ+1 [4]; Staff-17, DX+3 [12]; Stealth-15, DX+1 [1]; Survival (Woodlands)-17, Per+3 [1]; Swimming-12, HT [1]; Tracking-16, Per+2 [2]; Traps-12, IQ+1 [4].


Boots ($80, 3lbs.), heavy leather leggings of solidity ($110, 4lbs.), heavy leather sleeves of solidity ($100, 2lbs.), ordinary clothing ($120, 2lbs.), unyielding leather jacket of lightness ($200, 3lbs.), hip quiver (large, $30, 2lbs.), 25 arrows (fine, $150, 2.5lbs.), 25 arrows (bodkin, fine, $150, 2.5lbs.), bow (composite, $900, 4lbs.), staff (balanced, fine, $70, 4lbs.), knife (large, balanced, fine, $280, 1lb.), blanket ($20, 4lbs.), canteen ($10, 3lbs.), personal basics ($5, 1lb.), 12 rations ($24, 6lbs.), rope (10yards, $5, 1.5lbs.), sack ($30, 3lbs.), 2 torches ($6, 2lbs.), minor healing potion ($120, 0.5lbs.).


The wood elf Làndoril has been born into a tribe of silvan elves living in one of the few remaining forests on the continent of Atia. There, they are known as the Guardians of the Forest, keeping a watchful eye on the environment. On one of the patrols with his fellow elves, Làndoril stumbled upon some intruding humans and, after the fight, slaughtered every surviving intruder, ignoring their pleas of surrender or states of unconsciousness.

The blood on his hands made his fellow tribesmen shudder. They called upon the court of their elders and had him banished from the lands of his forefathers. Wandering aimlessly and searching for a new home he met up with the former guardsman Jupp and even though he treasures his loneliness, they banded together for mutual protection. Hearing of the opportunities for heros and adventurers, that where awaiting them on the eastern continent of Illias, they embarked on a ship to Abydos where they arrived savely.

With shaking legs he and his mate took the step onto the cobblestoned wharf of Abydos, eager to start their career as fortune hunters and sellswords.


After a few playtests it looks, as if the elf can survive a good deal of the challenges, that adventuring in Illias will pose to him. His skill with the Bow is excellent and combining Heroic Archer and Weapon Master he can use the bow in melee situations as well, still having a decent Dodge score to get him out of harms way. The original build favored the spear over the staff, but with many creatures being resistant to impaling or piercing damage, we deemed it wise to switch to a backup weapon that can offer a different kind of damage.

As a GM I am still a bit worried, that his collection of urban disadvantages will give him a hard time, and would advise the player to rather take a reduced self-control number for Bloodlust to get rid of … say … his Vow never to sleep indoors. But actual play will show us how Làndoril can fare.

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