Another Try to GURPS

February 1, 2017
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We had to cancel the GURPS game night last week, due to personal reasons, and were looking forward to Monday night. As Monday night came, everyone was on time. We did not start gaming right away but talked about other matters first. When we finally got around to play, Fantasy Grounds wasn’t willing to connect at first. The uPnP configuration still was not working and again I had to set up port forwarding manually.

In the end we were connected and started to play. Until … until the first skill check was made and the same bug appeared that we had to fight with last time. The box for Current Move on the character sheet disappeared and the pop-up error messages made the VTT unusable.

After a few more minutes of testing we decided to call it a night. It was almost the scheduled time for ending the session anyway. Right now, I feel very much inclined to give roll20 and it’s capabilities for GURPS another try.

Well, here is the story so far:

The Ship Has Landed

Làndoril Falkenschrei and his trusty ally Jupp the Guardsman had been hearing the stories of fame and fortune that could be gained in the wild lands of Illias, the eastern continent. With nothing left that would hold them in their homelands in Attica they boarded one of the ships that carried fortune hunters to Illias and brought back the riches of the east.

After a long and arduous journey they arrived in the harbor of Abydos on a cold spring evening and enjoyed the feeling of solid ground underneath their feet. With their pockets nearly empty of copper they quickly got rid of the beggars that were waiting for new arrivals and started exploring the city. The wood elf, unwilling to sleep in the confines of an inn, was especially keen to look for parks and other open spaces where they might erect their tent for the night.

Deciding against spending the night at the cemetery or climbing a wall to get into a private villas gardens, they ended up at the temple of Artemis and it’s ample park. Here a young acolyte told them, that camping in the temple grounds was a privilege for benefactors of the house of Artemis only, and advised them to stay in his uncle’s inn, The Bloody Boot.

A Quick Word About How I Handle CP in This Campaign

The campaign is designed to be pretty harsh and I will not try to balance the encounters to the level of the characters. Still, I do not want a single unlucky roll of the dice to kill a promising character. To give the players a last minute safeguard and a little control of their character’s fate I am using the rules for Buying Success. They can change a critical failure to a regular one for 2 CP, turn a failure into a success for 1 CP, or make a critical success out of a regular one for 2 CP. But they can not spend CP they do not have yet.

That is why I award 4 CP per player at the beginning of every session of play (unless the last session only lasted for a few minutes). They can use these CP to change the outcome of dice rolls or keep them to increase their skills and abilities later. If at any time during play they make a successful roll on a skill default, they are allowed to immediately put a point into this skill. Otherwise they will have to wait until the end of the session before advancements are allowed.

If a player ignores one of the character’s disadvantages - even if one of two competing disadvantages loses against the other and gets ignored because of that or if the character has made a self-control roll and has had a critical success - I take away one of his CP. These points are considered a down payment to buy of the disadvantage in question and this time it is possible to loose CP the player does not have at the moment. I will take up to 4 CP in penalties per session.

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